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Never a  Rush Charge

Vinyl Lettering

We engrave signs, & plaques.  ADA Signage, & Wayfinding Signage.


We have been signing the Kensington area since 1991.   We live local, we shop local, we hire local and we create and install signage locally.  Not a big box store, not a franchise, and not owned by Jeff Bezos; we are a local company, serving the local community.

10505 Metropolitan Avenue  Kensington Maryland 20895
Vehicle Wraps


Vinyl Lettering

We make vinyl lettering custom.

We can install vinyl: yours or ours,

or economically UPS the vinyl to you.

For windows

or anything else you can think of.

Lettering or Logos, thousands

of letter styles and hundreds of colors:

The Sign Shop is here to serve Kensington.

Van Lettering

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